Sapo 🐸

Discover the power of decentralized cloud computing with Sapo and experience greater security, privacy, and control over your data and applications.

Secure, scalable, and reliable computing resources for everyone

Sapo and Bacalhau bring you a versatile and affordable answer to your cloud computing needs. Any DataDao can now leverage the power of computation on their own data stored on Filecoin while enjoying enhanced security, privacy, and verification through decentralization with Sapo.


A new Decentralized Economy

Our platform empowers individuals and organizations to directly connect, harnessing the value of their data and driving the growth of a new decentralized global economy.

Your one-stop solution for all your needs

Unlock the full potential of your data with Sapo. Whether you need a generic job or a custom one, our platform provides a complete and convenient solution for all your cloud computing needs. Experience unparalleled security, privacy, and control with Sapo's decentralized approach to cloud computing.